Memorial Day and Snow Too!

Last Memorial Day weekend it rained all three days.  This year the forecast is for more of the same, and our plans would put us at an even higher elevation and that means we may see SNOW!

Sometimes I wonder if we are really so crazy when we decide to camp out in our yard, in the motor home, with electricity, cable tv and internet.  The pets seem not to care if we go anywhere, and once we are settled in, (in the motor home) it seems little different than going somewhere.  

I think young people over-emphasize the importance of driving a long ways to have fun.  Fun is made with the people you have around you.  It doesn't matter so much what you are doing or where you are.  My wife, our two dogs, our cat, a bowl of popcorn and a good movie.  Oh Happy Day.

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  1. Pretty much where our weekend will be home where it is warm and dry!


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