Missoula Dirty Dash Fun in the Mud

To quote from the Dirty Dash Missoula website:  “Missoulians relish getting dirty and can cowboy up to any challenge…you wear it on your bloodstained, trout-smelling, beer-soaked sleeves.” Well, I can’t think of anything a kid of any age would enjoy more than running and sliding around in the mud, and I have two free registration entry codes to give away.    The Missoula Dirty Dash is set for September 15th at the Missoula Equestrian Park on North Avenue out behind Big Sky High School.  I will provide the Codes to the first person who e-mails me at dkueffler@gmail.com. THIS SAVES YOU $50 ON EACH OF TWO LATE ENTRY REGISTRATIONS!
photo By the way, the Missoula race site includes one of the largest muddy slip n’ slides in the country!

(To use the free entry codes you will enter the numbers I provide when you register on the Dirty Dash Website.)

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  1. Well I am not quite sure if this muddy event will make me drive 3 days to get to Missoula.


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