Montana Wildfire Season Nearly Over

Overnight temperatures are falling down to freezing in the high country and forest fires are calming down.  Lightning strikes still account for new fires, but the end of the camping season will shut down the people-caused fires.  

The drought made this fire season one of the worst in our past ten years, and the forecast future weather patterns may bring extreme fire danger for decades to come.

I have been out camping three to four days a week, returning home to mow the lawn, etc, and I haven't been in "range" for blogging.  Keeping my writing going during the summer months has been difficult.  

Now that school is back in session and the University of Montana Grizzlies are back in action, I will be sticking closer to home.  The weather is still nice during the day, about 80 degrees, but we were in the 30's here overnight.

In mid-August we camped for three days at Beavertail Hill and woke up to find a FIRE CAMP being set up about 100 yards down the road!  They work fast and soon there were big headquarters tents, eating tents and showering trailers set up and about 100 vehicles and 300 people!   They are working on two nearby fires and the air is so smokey I woke up with a sore throat every day we camped.  I am including a photo of the Fire Camp as it was just getting set up.  

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