Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or Just Yoga

I've become enamored with the body-mind-spirit connection.  Perhaps this is just part of the aging process wherein we seek more meaning in our lives, and, possibly, an effort to find alternatives to the "religion-based" beliefs of heaven and hell, the Diety, the afterlife and so on. These beliefs were drilled into me as a pre-teen in the Catholic parochial school system.  Even as an 8th grader I had doubts about the Church Canon we listened to from priests and nuns every day.  I doubted that they believed much of what they said; or else they were more child-like mentally than this 14-year-old.

I have been reading selectionsl of the ancient texts and studying the philosophies of civilizations that existed before the advent of Christianity.  I find a lot to like.  Much of it makes more sense than our modern day religions.  And a closer look at the distortions of today's religions from the original teachings reveals that we could learn a lot from our ancient ancestors....of all the religions.

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